Loading cells for pharmaceutical automated machines

Some industries need automatic machines that can control production by measuring weight extremelywell. For example, the pharmaceutical industry, cosmetics and the electronics industry need weight controls with precisions of one milligram.


The use of these scales today is very burdensome and involves a meanic design to isolates the weighing zone from the sources that produce vibrations.


The measurement with precisions of a few milligrams are extremely delicate and difficult to manage, both for the disturbance given by the very low frequency vibrations and for thedesign of very low-noise signal conditioners.


Nanolever’s Sigma Low solution becomes Ultra Sigma Low using load cells with very low stiffness to allow the cell to deform even with a few milligrams of load.

Unfortunately the settling time of these cells exceeds ten seconds, which is why we have developed a load cell equipped with an active dumping device that dampens the cell vibrations in a few milliseconds so that we can measure at cadences of 100 ms with precision of one milligram.

In the graph, the comparison of a cell with a settling time of 280 ms and an Ultra sigma Low cell with an active damper that instead settles with only 20 ms of time.