Gravimetric dosing systems

Industrial automation needs to dose products, and the dosage is the machine’s heart. The dosage of the raw material must do carried out in a precise, repetitive, and fast way.

Volumetric dosing is not accurate.

In most of the automatic machines in which there is a dosing section, the dosage takes place in a volumetric way; however, it depends on various parameters, including the volume variation as the temperature and humidity change. Then the variations that the mechanical organs can undergo over time due to wear, inaccuracies of the mechatronic system. All these parameters make volumetric dosing not too accurate.

In the volumetric dosage, the raw material is “lost.”

When the dosage is not made with extreme precision, the raw material is “lost.” The more raw material is normally dosed than is required by the weight reported in the package to be sure not to be underweight.

The Sigma Low solution for precision gravimetric dosing replacing volumetric dosing

These problems would be overcome by dosing gravimetric technologies, but until now, vibrations and high measurement speeds had prevented the use of volumetric systems, and even when these weighing systems were used, they are no more accurate than volumetric systems.

Nanolever has invented and patented the Sigma Low weighing system; it is capable of eliminating errors due to vibrations transmitted to the scale by the machine on which it is installed.

How does Sigma Low work?

Sigma Low can eliminate errors due to vibrations transmitted to the scale by the machine on which it is installed by synchronously measuring the apparent weight and the weight of the object to be measured by subtracting the latter from the apparent weight to eliminate the error.

The Sigma Low load cell

The measurement sensor consists of an innovative load cell capable of simultaneously measuring both weight and apparent weight.

The technical characteristics

Thanks to Sigma Low, it becomes possible to dose with accuracies up to 100 times greater than those that the volumetric system allows today.

For example, for dosages of 2 grams, the precision obtainable with Sigma Low is 10 mg by taking measurements every two milliseconds.

Accuracy depends on the total weight to be measured, Sigma Low achieves 250,000 divisions.

With Sigma Low, it becomes possible to have significant savings in raw materials for the benefit of company budgets and the planet’s sustainability.