Load cells for automated machines

In the measure of weight, low-frequency vibrations introduce significant errors that bring the standard deviation to high values.

Low pass filters eliminate vibration disturbances up to frequencies above 5 Hz.

Vibrations, with a frequency of less than 5 Hz, prevent to measure the wheigh with precision. Only Sigma Low permit to measure in precision way the weight also when vibrations involve the scale.

SIGMA LOW allows you to measure weight within an automatic machine with cycle times that can reach 100 ms with remarkable accuracy with to a standard deviation of 5 mg whatever the energy associated with vibration.

Using the Sigma Low system, measurement accuracy improves up to 100 times what with current devices.

SIGMA LOW consists of:

  • a special load cell that can simultaneously measure both the weight of the product and the weight generated by vibrations.
  • a particularly sophisticated measuring electronics with very low noise;
  • a galvan insulation power module;
  • data transfer form to the customer’s PLC or PC.