About us


Nanolever and Sigma Low: a history of innovation

We were born to measure weight accurately in the automation industry sector.

Nanolever’s response was the introduction of Sigma Low, a weighing technology that allows you to measure inside vibrating machines and environments.

Sigma Low is the answer that the market of automatic machine manufacturers has been waiting for some time: it is the answer of those who are ready to take up even the most difficult technological challenges.

As Nanolever, we find solutions for problems that seem impossible to solve – just like when we invented Sigma Low. Everyone thought it was impossible to dose gravimetrically, having to measure on a vibrating station for the descent of the product. But we have created a weight measurement system with an accuracy of 10 milligrams: the Sigma Low system.

Nanolever’s proposed products and solutions allow you to:

  • eliminate, in the measure of weight, errors due to very low frequency vibrations (< 5 Hz) ;
  • perform gravimetric dosages in place of the more imprecise volumetric ones;
  • electronic signal conditioning at very low noise;
  • develop induction hobs that can weigh the ingredients directly on the ceramic glass;
  • innovative measuring tools to determine the stiffness of a load cell.