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Load cells for automatic machines

Low frequency vibrations occurring during weight measurement can lead to errors that shift the standard deviation to excessively high values.

The filters in our instruments selected to eliminate the disturbances present in the rates above 5 hertz.

Otherwise, those who do not use Nanolever’s SIGMA LOW automatic load cell system are unable to measure quickly and accurately.

Load cells for automatic pharmaceutical machines

Some industrial sectors require automatic machines capable of controlling production through extremely precise weight measurement.

For example, the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and electronics industries require weight checks with precision of one milligram which can only be managed with load cells for automatic pharmaceutical machines.

Benches for load cell calibration

In addition to producing load cells, Nanolever also designs and manufactures benches for the calibration and tests carried out on them.

The design and construction of test benches and automatic calibration of load cells for scales is an activity that requires experience and innovation capacity.

In some cases, these calibration benches are installed in special constructions designed for the consumer market such as the innovative Nikola Tesla Libra hob.