Dosing measuring system on IMA Spa CT11 machine


The customized Sigma Low weighing system for carrying out the gravimetric dosing is currently used on the CT11 machine produced by IMA SpA for the packaging of herbal teas in sachets of 2 grams.

The machines prior to the CT11 produced by IMA SpA mount a multi-head weighing system in order to measure the product to be dosed. This solution prevents the vibrations of the bagging machine from disturbing the weight measurements, thus affecting the accuracy of the gravimetric dosing.

Sigma Low instead allows you to weigh directly on the machine and exactly in the area of ​​the machine where the product is conveyed to the packaging.

Sigma Low allows better gravimetric dosing accuracies, smaller overall dimensions and higher speeds than what can be obtained with multi-head dosing systems.

Nanolever subscribes with the innovative Sigma Low system to the radical innovation that distinguishes the IMA SpA CT 11 herbal tea packaging machine.

A traditional scale integrated into the Nikola Tesla Libra induction hob produced by ELICA SpA

During 2018 Elica SpA presented the first induction hob with integrated scale for measuring ingredients at Eurocucina in Milan.

The hob, Nikola Tesla Libra, equipped with suction also has a housing for a scale which accurately measures the weight of the ingredients.

Nanolever oversaw the development of the scale, the operating principle and the prototype electronics necessary for the experimental validation.

Today the piano is in production and sold on the European market.