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Nanolever is synonymous with intelligent weighing systems, capable of dosing with precision and speed, and which allows you to save raw materials, costs and the exploitation of the planet.

Sigma Low is a weighing system patented by Nanolever which is based on resistive strain gauge load cells to measure the weight of the mass and the apparent weight due to vibrations. Eliminates important errors due to vibrations from the measurement, and allows you to switch from volumetric to gravimetric dosing – up to 10 times more precise.

The distinctive feature of Nanolever is to measure quickly and accurately inside automatic machines. We also make O.E.M.


    Sigma Low

    Production processes require precision, repeatability, and speed, three characteristics that are weighing systems cannot have when they are placed in environments or inside machines that produce vibrations. For this reason, the "inline" checks of the production processes through weight measurement does not carry out. Sigma Low eliminates this extreme limitation by allowing checks on 100% of the products processed by the machine. Weighing quickly and without errors due to vibrations opens the future of industrial automation.

  • Weighing system for powders and granules in line with the pipeline

    Smart Kitchen

    Until now, weighing of powders or grains as they flow inside the pipes that transport them was not possible. The Weight Capsule weighing system fills this limit. Now it's possible to measure grains of any type, raw material in grains, feed, and much more. Weight Capsule replaces the load cells, which, mounted at the foot of the silos, weigh the products with even ten times lower precision than what our system allows us to do (Patent pending).

    Sigma Low: the industrial weighing systems developped by Nanolever

    In industrial automation, weight measurement is performed very quickly inside automatic machines and is used to check that products remain within the expected weight range.

    What is a weighing system?

    It is composed of four main parts:
    – the sensor, in other words, the load cell
    – the support on which the mass to be weighed rests, which is part of the more complex mechanical structure of the scale
    – the electronic conditioning of the signal coming from the load cell
    – firmware and signal processing software

    A weighing system can also be a stand-alone scale or inserted inside the equipment in which, for example, the products whose weight it must measure are automatically loaded and then unloaded.

    The measuring speed of the industrial weighing systems is around 200 ms.

    Normally these weighing systems carry out the measurement in very fast times – for example, 100 or 200 ms -, and are subject to the disturbances that the equipment produces: in short, the vibrations of automatic machines.

    Vibrations inaccurate a weight measurement.

    The problem that makes the measurement of a scale on board the machine more inaccurate is precisely the vibrations. A problem is known to all those who have ever dealt with automatic machines.

    Sigma Low eliminates errors in weight measurement due to vibrations.

    Sigma Low, Nanolever’s patented weighing system, eliminates the problem of errors in the measurement determined by vibrations, especially when measurements must be made in a few hundred milliseconds.

    Sigma Low is essential for your business

    Whenever possible, manufacturers of automatic machines, to partially solve the problem, separate the scale from the rest of the machine. In this way, the weighing system is not tied directly to the machine but rests on the floor. It is a solution that mitigates the problem without solving it. Unfortunately, in fact, the vibrations produced by the machine are transmitted to the floor. And from the floor to the car that was placed on top of it.

    There are also situations in which the weighing system cannot be detached from the machine – this happens when the scale has to weigh, for example, the dosage of the raw material. Sigma Low represents an ideal solution for all those who want to eliminate the harmful problem of vibrations from their weighing systems.