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We provide solutions to problems that were believed impossible to solve

Nanolever is synonymous with innovative technology.

Our Sigma Low patent in fact allows you to save raw material, reducing both costs and the exploitation of the planet.

We developed Sigma Low based on resistive strain gauge load cells, necessary to establish both the mass and the apparent weight due to vibrations. The peculiarity of Sigma Low is precisely that of eliminating errors caused by vibrations in industrial equipment.

Sigma Low also allows you to switch from volumetric to gravimetric dosing: up to 10 times more precise than the first.

The distinctive feature of Nanolever is the ability to measure quickly and accurately inside the automatic machines. The experience we have developed in the sector allows us to meet even very complex problems: to solve any need, we also create O.E.M. structures, which are therefore tailor-made for each company that requires our services.

  • Eliminating errors due to vibrations is possible

    Discover Sigma Low

    Production processes require precision, repeatability and speed. Three characteristics that industrial scales cannot have when they are placed in environments (or inside machines) that produce vibrations. It is for this reason that the inline checks of the production processes through weight measurement cannot be carried out. Sigma Low eliminates this very strong version, the checks on 100% of the products processed by the machine. Weighing quickly and without errors due to vibrations opens the future of industrial automation.

  • In-line scale for powders and grains

    Weight Capsule

    The measurement of the weight of powders or grains - as they flow inside the pipes that transport them - was not possible until now. However, Weight Capsule exceeds this limit. It has now become possible to accurately measure grains of any type, raw material in grains, feed and much more. Weight Capsule replaces those load cells which, mounted at the foot of the silos, weigh the products with even 10 times lower precision than our latest patent.

    Speed and precision wherever it is needed

    Sigma Low revolutionizes weighing systems

    A new technology offered by Nanolever

    Nanolever means innovation

    Discover Sigma Low

    Weight measurement has never been so accurate

    In industrial automation, the calculation of the mass is performed inside the automatic machines, very quickly, and is used to control the dosing of the products remains within an expected range.

    What are weighing systems?

    They consist of four main parts:
    – the sensor, in other words, the load cell
    – the support on which the mass to be measured rests, which is part of the more complex mechanical structure of the balance
    – the electronic conditioning of the signal coming from the load cell
    – firmware and signal processing software

    This kind of system can be a separate scale, or it can be inserted inside the equipment in which, for example, the products to be measured are loaded and then automatically unloaded.

    The measuring speed of the industrial devices amounts to 200 ms.

    Weighing systems created to operate inside automatic machines perform the measurement in very fast times – for example, 100 or 200 ms -, and are subject to the disturbances produced by the equipment. In practice, to the vibrations of automatic machines.

    Vibrations inaccurate the mass value.

    The problem that makes an on-board scale inaccurate, in fact, corresponds to vibrations. It has always been like this, and until now technology has not been able to overcome this limit: the problem is known to all those who have dealt with automatic machines.

    Sigma Low eliminates errors due to vibrations.

    The solution patented by Nanolever is Sigma Low: in a few hundred milliseconds, it eliminates the problem of errors detected by vibrations.

    Sigma Low is the only automatic device capable of solving the problem of vibrations in industrial plants.

    An apparent solution is to separate the scale from the rest of the machine: place it on the floor rather than constrain it to the structure. This method, however, mitigates the problem without solving it because unfortunately the vibrations are transmitted to the floor. And from there to the machine that was placed on top of him, distorting the result. There are also situations in which the scale cannot be detached from the machine.

    This is why Sigma Low represents, among the weighing systems, the ideal solution to definitively resolve errors due to vibrations.

    Industry 4.0 and the real-time measurement of mass

    When we talk about Industry 4.0 we mean many functions and many technologies.

    Software for the management of procedures, real-time control of machines and production, additive manufacturing, robotization and automation, automatic design. Therefore Industry 4.0 is based on the solutions that industrial-tech research can offer to ensure that human intervention in the industrial process is increasingly oriented towards the introduction of innovations capable of conquering product sectors and market shares. A continuous search for solutions that simplify the life of those who produce and those who consume.

    In the field of automation and automatic machines, it has provided the ability to create increasingly sophisticated mechanical processes and controls that make those processes possible and measurable.

    From knowing how to make excellent mechanics, we will pass on to knowing how to make a machine that is able to make decisions and carry out operations up to now the prerogative of man.

    In all this, the control that will allow us to know the fundamental data relating to production will be the weight measurement performed where until now it is thought that it is impossible to perform.

    Weight measurement will increasingly become an enabling technology to achieve the goals that Industry 4.0 today indicates as future.