Nanolever have invented “Sigma Low Active” a technology that measure dynamically the weight on board the industrial machinery without errors due at the low frequencies vibrations.
The signal conditioner has actually a very low noise (1 mg for 2 ms of measurement time).

With Sigma low active an evolution in the dynamic measurement of weight is born, 70 years after the development of the strain load load cells Sigma low active is the step that marks the boundary between the limits of today’s load cells and those developed by Nanolever.

Sigma low active s a dynamic scale able to completely eliminate the measurement errors produced by low frequency vibrations ( equipped with a very low noise signal conditioner able to reach a resolution up to 60 times better than that obtainable with the best competing scales.

This is a radical innovation that opens up new opportunities for manufacturers of machines and automated systems.

Patent application was filed.


The distinctive feature of Nanolever lies in the propensity of our men to deal with research and development in areas such as aerospace, in the creation of transducers for the control of industrial processes, in the ability to design the hardware in which to write algorithms and firmware to make it work.

Nanolever is a close-knit team of engineers and physicists, an independent team that has the theoretical, engineering and necessary tools to deal with the most challenging technological issues.


High resolution dynamic weighing solutions

Weight measurement inside automatic machines through the use of capacitive load cells that reach a resolution lower than one milligram and divisions ranging from 100,000 measuring in a time interval of 0.1 second.

Dynamic weight measurement and noise cancellation

Load cells for the measurement of the weight on board of very low frequency vibration compensation machine. Resolutions similar to those obtainable with electromagnetic compensation load cells. High measurement speed, 1 mg sigma and ease of use.

Sensors for control
of the processes

Design and prototyping of sensors for the control of industrial processes through the use of various technologies that include both force transducers and optical and infrared cameras

Electronics design
embedded for measurement processes

We design devices for measuring and managing the physical parameters used in industry 4.0 using FPGA, μcontrollori and in-house prototyping.



Nanolever spinoff of an engineering boutique active in various industrial sectors for the design and research and development in the mechanical and aerospace automation sectors. Among the partners of Nanolever participate several companies whose experiences and resources are used.


Mechanical and electronic design is carried out through internal resources.


Multidisciplinary engineering activity for the development of load cells, specific sensors and embedded electronics.


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